These monitoring efforts funded by grants from USEPA: Clean Water Act, Indian General Assistance Program (GAP), Clean Air Act and the National Environmental Information Exchange Network also with assistance from the Tribal Air Monitoring Support Center and the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals

All data goes through quality assurance/control procedures
prior to fianalization and publication each water year
(Oct 1st - Sept 30th)
Provisional Data Subject to change!!

Contact Ken Fetcho for published water year reports
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Water - Klamath River Estuary | McGarvey Creek | Turwar Creek | Blue Creek | Tully Creek
Air - Notchko Weather Station | Weitchpec Weather Station | Klamath Glen Weather Station
SONDE (Water Quality Sites) - Klamath River (Above Trinity) | Klamath River (Below Trinity) | Klamath River (Above Turwar)